Examples of Editing - Clients

Tragically Wicked
The Monster I’ve Become

Provided developmental and conceptual editing to Ms. Hoffmann. By collaborating with Ms. Hoffmann, I ensured pacing of the story, helped establish believable characters, and fixed any plot holes throughout. I continued to work with Ms. Hoffmann during this process and helped shape her story based on her concepts. When working with Ms. Hoffmann, or any author, I ask questions to make them think about certain situations or facets of their characters or the storyline. I guide the author throughout this process to better understand and to better their story.


Haley created an interactive story, based on a children’s book like, Flat Stanley. She will construct a choose-your-own-adventure where the player creates an avatar, and can create the world they wish to play.

Editorial Guidance

For Haley, I provided conceptual editing. My feedback was to dig deeper into how this will help kids learn narrative, plot flow, etc., and also if the player will choose from a list of characteristics in order to create their avatar. Haley was also hesitant in using Twine as her platform since it’s not easy to use to import images, especially creating avatars. I suggested using a website, but I’m not sure this is the right way either. She showed an example and went with multiple choices, which is easier for the players (who are kids) to follow along and play

Flat You by Haley Hamilton

I feel that my feedback helped Haley narrow down the layout and content. Her next steps are to decide on which platform to use and then drafting the piece.